Joan R. Neubauer

What Readers Say

A Serpent’s Tooth

The independent, determined, and headstrong Kate McHenry and the brave, dashing Michael Fielding met at a time in history when all freedom was tied to chance, to luck, to determination, and to fate.  Together they help fight one of the most famous and historical battles for freedom and independence. Brother, sister, neighbor, father and son all feuded between loyalty to the English crown or separation from a tyrant! Their personal relationship and their personal beliefs that America deserved freedom at all costs is told in a compelling saga that every American should read and appreciate. Neubauer draws us in to the fabric of her assured storytelling and teaches lessons about young America that no one should take for granted in any time of our past, present, or future.

                                                                       David Marion Wilkinson, Author of Not Between Brothers, Oblivion’s Altar, and One Ranger

 A Serpent’s Tooth introduces a female voice to the story of the American Revolution. An independent woman, Kate McHenry proves her devotion to her adopted country as she struggles side-by-side with fellow freedom-fighter, Michael Fielding. This is a romance not just between a man and a woman, but between a nation and its people.                                                            Helen Ginger, author and teacher

I loved A Serpent’s Tooth. I couldn’t stop reading. I just always had to read just one more page and one more page.                                                              Donna McGrath, reader

Joan, I love A Serpent’s Tooth already. You obviously did a lot of research–what a labor of love! Thanks for all you do to inspire…                                                                                   Love, Pam

Joan, I just want to tell you that I have read your book in 21/2 days. It was wonderful.  Easy to read….very catching and I am patiently waiting for the second one.                                                                                                                        Jessie Emans, reader

Hi, Joan, you just keep working on that book and let me know when the sequel is done so I can get it. Today I went to the bank and we parked on Mullberry St. and walked to the bank and a number of stores on Radcliffe. I was looking at all the houses on Mullberry wondering what one it was that was in your story. Now you have me thinking every time I am on Mill St. or Radcliffe St.  I also passed the Friends Meeting House. I’m glad I read your book. It makes me more aware of Bristol.                                                                                                              Chris from Bristol

Shadow Dancing

I am the founder of Austin Paranormal Group in Austin, TX.  I just finished reading your book Shadow Dancing and I loved it!                         Amanda Foster

Special Delivery

Special Delivery is one of the best investments I have ever made. It’s a treasure trove. Have a smiley day.                                                                                                              Suzi









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