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A Serpent’s Tooth

(ISBN 1-932196-76-5)

An historical novel set in the American Revolution that portrays the role of men and women in the birth of this nation.


Shadow Dancing (with Steve Neubauer)

(ISBN 1-932196-99-4)

An investigation into the phenomenon known as shadow people along with first-hand, eyewitness accounts.


Special Delivery (with Steve Neubauer)

(ISBN 1-932196-65-X)

A collection of essays and tips for writers from The Wright Stuff, a free, monthly newsletter published by


The Noble Generation Volume II (edited by Stephen F. Neubauer and Joan R. Neubauer)

(ISBN 1-932196-43-9)

Sponsored by Barnes & Noble and the Texas Department on Aging and Disabilities Services, this anthology has 101 stories from and about Texans who lived through the Great Depression and World War II. All proceeds go to the Writers League of Texas to benefit writers over 55.


The Noble Generation (edited by Stephen F. Neubauer and Joan R. Neubauer)

(ISBN 1-932196-05-6)

A joint effort with Texas Department on Aging, Barnes & Noble, and, The Noble Generation is an anthology of stories written by and about Texans aged 55 and better. All proceeds go to Literacy Austin to further the cause of literacy.


The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Journaling

(ISBN 0-02-863980-4: Penguin Putnam)

For beginners and seasoned journalers, this book can help you get started and develop your journal into a useful tool for living a successful life. The author discusses a variety of journals and how to adapt them to particular needs.


From Memories to Manuscript: The Five-Step Method of Writing your Life Story

ISBN 0-916489-56-6: My

If you’ve ever wanted to write your life story or family history, this little book outlines a simple five-step method that anyone can use.         


Dear Diary: The Art and Craft of Writing a Creative Journal

(ISBN 0-916489-61-2: My

A brief discussion of the history, uses, and benefits of keeping a journal, some of the different kinds of journals, and how to  use each to their best advantage.


Down But Not Out (with Tom Docherty)

(ISBN 0-9700615-0-1)

Tom Docherty was an undercover narc in Houston when a drunk driver hit him head-on on the Interstate. Everyone thought he’d die before the night was out, but Tom surprised them all. This is the inspiring story of one man who refused to give up or give in.


S.C.A.T. (with Michael Egbert)

(ISBN 0-9713832-4-3)

Michael Egbert served 22 months with Colorado’s Special Crimes Attack Team (S.C.A.T.) and this is his story of how he and his fellow officers worked to make it safer for the rest of us.


Heart of My Heart (with Bill Harris)

(ISBN 0-9700615-7-9)

The heart-warming and at times humorous story of how Bill Harris met the love of his life, lost her, and eventually reunited with her.


Triumph: The Autobiography of Bonnie Pennington (as told by Bonnie Pennington)

(Out of print)

The true life story of a woman who overcame ignorance, poverty, an abusive step-mother, and an abusive husband to find her Self, her character, and a way to succeed in business.


You may find Joan’s books and other WordWright titles at your favorite bookstore, on the Web at,, and among a number of other sites.





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